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Is There A Benefit of Getting a SC Salesperson License Before the NC Provisional Broker License?

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Yes. You can save time and money by obtaining a South Carolina's salesperson real estate license before obtaining a North Carolina's provisional broker license.

How is this possible?

By obtaining your SC's Salesperson license first, applicants will only be required to take the pre-licensing course and state board exams for South Carolina.

NC's License Law Exemption: North Carolina's license laws provide licensees from another state an exemption from completing the NC's pre-licensing and state board exams.

The licensee will simply apply to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission and check the box on the application for the exam exemption, provide proof that the license is in good standing, complete the state required background check, and pay all necessary fees to receive a NC's Provisional Broker license.

Sound too is.

Are there any other examinations once you have obtained your North Carolina's Provisional Broker's license using the above method?

Yes. You're required to complete 90 hours of Post Licensing courses (301, 302, and 303) within 18 months to remove the provisional status from your licensure. Licensees must successfully pass the examination for each course. Licensees are not required to complete the North Carolina's State board exams.

What if you get your North Carolina's Broker license before you getting your South Carolina's Salesperson Real Estate License?

As of October 16, 2023, in most cases, the applicant will be required to take the pre-licensing courses and state board exams in both state.

See below for more details.

Factor 1: If you hold an active real estate license in another state besides Georgia, then the licensee must complete the South Carolina's 90 hours pre-licensing requirements. You're subject to complete the background check and passing the national and state exams.

Exam Exemption:

  1. A non-resident with an active license in another jurisdiction or whose license in another jurisdiction has not been expired for more than six months will only be required to take the State exam, OR

  2. A Georgia reciprocity applicant is not required to take any examinations

Information about applying and the Commission:

Information regarding the state laws:

Factor 2: If you hold a real estate license from another state and lived in South Carolina, then you must complete the 90-hour licensing courses. The 60 hours Unit 1 is required to apply for the South Carolina Real Estate Commission. Then complete your background check and pass the national and state exams.

We deliver the licensing courses in- person, self pace, or virtual media:


Factor 3: If you hold a Georgia real estate license by completing the GA's written exam and lived in Georgia, then you may simply applying to the South Carolina Real Estate Commission to complete your background check and the reciprocity application.

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