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Do I need to Complete North Carolina, South Carolina, Or Both States Continuing Education Hours?

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

This question leaves licensees in a blank stare, so let's learn the answer.

NC CE Annual Requirements: 4 hour mandatory update & 4 hour elective hours

North Carolina Commission makes the answer to the question simple. You are required to take 8 hour of Continuing Education if you have a North Carolina broker's license effective July 1, 2023.

Basically, all brokers with a North Carolina real estate license should:

•be subject to the same CE requirements;

•show competence regarding NC License Law and Commission rules;

•not rely on licensure or course completion in another state to indicate

their competence in NC; and

•use the various instructional methods offered by NC certified education

providers to meet the CE requirements in NC.

SC CE Biannual Requirements: 4 hour mandatory and 6 hour elective hours

South Carolina Commission makes the answer to the question simple as well. You are required to take 10 hour of Continuing Education if you're a resident of South Carolina.

Example SC 1: If you live in South Carolina, then you are required to complete all of SC Continuing Education hours.

Example SC 2: If you live in North Carolina or another state, then the South Carolina Commission nonresident licensee exemption rule would allow you who complete the continuing education in your resident state to satisfy South Carolina's continuing education requirements.

Both (NC/ SC) CE Required: If you live in South Carolina and have a North Carolina's broker license, then you will complete both NC and SC Continuing Education hours.

Hopefully, this explanation will help you keep up with your continuing education requirements to avoid an inactive license status this year.

Happy CE Hours Hunting!!

Comps offer both North Carolina and South Carolina Continuing Education as Self-Pace Courses and virtually We also offer dual credit elective courses which allows for both SC and NC continuing educations credit hours.

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