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Property Manager Core Courses: 

Applicants must complete a 30-hour Property Management course.

The commission shall issue licenses in the classifications of salesperson, broker, or property manager. No individual may be licensed in more than one classification at the same time


Registration Step 1:
Review & Return Policy Form

You must be at least 18 years old to register for this course. Complete and return the SC Policy form.

It may be mailed to PO Box 532, Huntersville, NC 28070 , emailed to, or faxed to 866-467-3003

Download Now:


Registration Step 2:
Select & Pay

After reviewing and returning SC Policy form via mailed, emailed, or faxed. Select and pay for your course to secure your enrollment. Within 2 business days from your payment submission, expect an email confirmation.


MAR 25 - MAR 28

MON - THUR  9AM- 4:30PM

Online: Zoom

IN PERSON: Rock Hill


APR 8 - MAY 8

MON & WED  6 PM- 9 PM

Online: Zoom


Registration Step 3:
Prepare to Pass Your Exams

Additional Supply Needed 

  • Notebook
  • Pen or Pencil​
  • Basic Calculator
  • Highlighters
Pencil Organizer_edited.png

Prepare to Take Your Final Exam: Review the video below and download the software to take your online proctored exams or select a provided date to take your exam in person.  

rong (2).png

 Exam Prep

Prepare for the  exams with a helpful study guide with hundreds of practice questions.

rong (2).png

Live Study Sessions

Study session to help you prepare for the course and state-board exams

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