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Comps Academy Real Estate School's mission is to provide value to the real estate industry is embodied in everything we do. We have spent over six years building a highly sought-after brand with an impeccable reputation for putting students on the right path to successful careers. We're always looking to give back and partner with credible local businesses in the communities that we serve.


After learning that high schoolers are interested in real estate as a career path, Comps Academy began partnering with a local high school and created the Future REAL scholarship that provides an alternative career and education path for those graduates who may not attend a traditional college or enlist in the service.  

 The scholarship offers these deserving graduates the opportunity to learn real estate laws and concepts, finance, business, and marketing skills needed to become entrepreneurs or licensed assistants who can make more than the minimum wage with a high school diploma if they are willing to work hard.


"We must invest in our future generations and move beyond traditional mindsets to prepare them for the constantly changing future." - Vonnie Judge | Comps Academy's Owner  

Featured Sponsor

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As of January 2024, Comps Academy became an affiliate partner with The CE Shop to offer online licensing education for real estate, mortgage, and appraisal. 

As we launched our new high school scholarship, our amazing representative of The CE Shop has agreed to support our efforts by sponsoring an online licensing education for real estate or mortgage yearly.

Important Dates

Application Opens:  March 29

Application Deadline:  April 30

Recipients Announced: May 17

College Friends

Qualification Requirements

  • Must be a current high school senior or recent high school graduate.

  • Be at least 18 years old by June 30.

  • Must be interested in pursuing a real estate agent or loan officer career by the Fall from the awarded scholarship.

  • The scholarship applies to Comps Academy's tuition for offered programs up to $800 in value. No Cash Value.

  • Comps Academy employees, staff, affiliate companies, or partners' immediate family members are not eligible to participate or win.  

Financial Education Sponsor

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Shopping Spree

Build your financial future by raising your Financial IQ with Money Masters, a free self-paced online education that's sponsored by Corey Greene, our Modern Woodmen representative.

Planning for the Real World topics include: Creating a Budget, Checking and Savings Accounts, Paying for college, and ID protection.

Finance For Junior and Seniors topics include Basic taxes, Debt Management, Credit Cards, Credit Scores, Shopping for Insurance, and Budget Hacks for College.

Submission Details

Application Deadline:  April 30

  • Application or Resume

  • Current transcript  (unofficial)

  • At least two letters of recommendation from a school official, school club advisor, school representative, (current or previous) employer, or community organization representative.

  • Optional: A letter of recommendation from a peer.

  • Essay - 300 words - Select a topic below. 


1. Why would you be an ideal candidate for the Future REAL (Respectful Educated Agents Leading) Scholarship?

2. Describe a situation when you had to demonstrate great leadership qualities and traits.

3. Why is the Future REAL scholarship important to you?

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Become A Sponsor

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Future REAL Sponsorship
Business Team

It takes a village to raise a child and in today's society, our children need us to show up like never before.


Comps Academy certainly heard the call and jumped into action, but know that our efforts alone are not enough, Therefore, we're asking for the support of the businesses and community organizations.


Your partnership and sponsorship will help us to offer this opportunity to even more deserving students and allow us to help expand our contribution beyond the classroom to assist participants in finalizing the licensing process.

We announce our sponsors on our websites, social media, marketing materials, and scholarship programs.


Comps Academy is a privately owned school.


Future Real Sponsors

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