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How do I verify my SC's credited continuing education hours for this renewal period?

Updated: 2 days ago

South Carolina Real Estate Commission requires 10 hours of continuing education every other year requirements. As of July 1, 2024, brokers and associates who take more than the required number of continuing education hours during two years may now carry up to four hours of elective courses to the next renewal period. (Section 40-57- 340(C)).

Here is how to verify how many credited hours that have been reported on your behalf.

Create a free CE Broker account.

CE Broker is now the official CE tracking system of the South Carolina Real Estate Commission.

How to activate your free CE Broker account

CE Broker is now the official CE tracking system of the South Carolina Real Estate Commission.

2 | Select the Sign-Up button under the Basic Account option.

3 | Enter your license number and get started!

How do I report a SC's licensing exemption?

An exemption reduces or eliminates the need to complete continuing education credits. To determine if you qualify for an exemption:

  • Log into your CE Broker account

  •  Click Report CE (or Report Hours)

  • Click on the Additional Options tab

  • Click Learn More under the appropriate exemption

Exemption categories:

  1. ActiveMilitaryDutyA licensee serving on temporary active duty in the armed forces of the United States for a period exceeding 120 days in a year. Requests and documentation for this exemption must be submitted by January 1 of odd-numbered years. Claiming this exemption will fulfill all CE requirements for the license cycle.Documentation Required:

  2. Full age experience CE exemption, 65 yrs old and 25 yrs experience the licensee is permanently exempt with a full age/experience exemption, they are not required to complete any CE courses. (Must have applied for exemption and have received approval from Commission)

  3. Partial experience CE Exemption, 25 yrs experience25 years of licensed sales or broker experience (Must have applied for an exemption and have received approval from Commission). If a licensee is partially exempt, they are still required to complete the 4-hour Core course and are only exempt from 6 elective hours. A Broker in Charge with a partial exemption must also complete the mandatory 4-hour BIC Duties and Responsibilities course and is only exempt from 2 elective hours.

  4. A resident of another jurisdictionIf you are a nonresident that has met the continuing education requirements of your resident licensed jurisdiction, you can be exempt from continuing education in South Carolina.

  5. The associate who took Broker Prelicensing CoursesBroker IIIA and IIIB courses taken during the biennial cycle can be used for a continuing education exemption, ONLY if you are licensed as a SALESPERSON at the time of renewal. Please be prepared to upload your certificate of completion.

If you have additional questions, check out our support articles at ​​.

All information above comes from the South Carolina Real Estate Commission:

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