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If I fail my Comps Exam, can I retake it? If so, how many times?

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Students are required to obtain a passing grade of 70% on both the State and National portions of the exam to receive their certificates within the allotted four month period. If a student fails either or both portions of the exam, they are eligible to one makeup exam at no additional cost during this period.

If the student fails any portion of the makeup exam within the four month period, then we will require a $250 administrative fee and the student must retake the (State or Nation) portion of the course before being eligible to take a retake exam. A maximum of two retake exams may be taken at the cost of $30 each.

Comps Students must complete their course requirement within four month from the last day of registered course to avoid paying the full tuition fees.

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