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How to get my NC Real Estate License after receiving my SC Real Estate License?

Great, you have a South Carolina real estate license! Now, you're wanting to obtain your North Carolina's real estate license. Well, the North Carolina Real Estate Commission has made this goal easily accessible.

Step 1: Apply to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.

You will need to do a background check, pay your fees, and complete your application where there is a question that could make or break your progress. The application gives you the option to either take the state board exam or opt out of it because you hold a real estate license. Taking the exam doesn't give you any real advantages besides bragging rights if you pass it on the first time. Therefore most licensees opt out of taking the exam.

Step 2: Once you have successfully completed the application requirements, the NC Commission will provide you a NC Provisional Broker license. Licensee has 18 months to complete 90 hours of Post Licensing courses to remove the provisional status and obtain an active status. Some firms require licensee to complete these hours sooner than 18 month, so confirm your firm's policy.

Comps offer these course as self-pace and virtually.

Step 3: Don't forget about your Continuing Education hours! This is a pitfall for many new licensee.

If you or your firm has a North Carolina address then you will be required to complete 8 hours of CE which includes the 4 hour mandatory update course and 4 hour of elective hours. Continuing education hours does not count towards your Post licensing hours and vice versa.

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