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How do I get a South Carolina real estate license?

To get a South Carolina real estate salesperson license, you must complete the following steps as required by the SC Real Estate Commission:

1. Successfully complete your coursework. To obtain your salesperson license you must complete the 90-hour Pre-licensing and 30-hour Advanced Principle courses. Theses courses may be taken in any order and even simultaneously.

2. The 90 hours Pre-Licensing course allows you to be eligible to apply to the SC Real Estate Commission to take the state exams through PSI. The Commission requires you to submit a state-approved background check and supporting document to verify your identity. The Commission provides applicants one year to complete the licensing requirements or you would have to re-apply.

The state exam has two sections: 80 questions covering national laws and concepts and 30 questions covering state laws. The cost of the exam is $63 for both national and state sections. If you fail one section of the exam, you can re-take it for an additional $55. You may re-take the exam as many times as necessary for a fee.

TIP: You may mail in your application to the Commission which may take up to 2 weeks or for a much quicker response time, submit your application online. Students have reporting receiving their eligibility letters within a few days.

3. Many students complete the required 30- hour Advanced Principles course while waiting to schedule the state exam as the course provide additional support to prepare for the state exam

4. Once the Commission approves your application, they will send you a letter of eligible to include instructions on how to register to take your exam with PSI.

5.After completing all the coursework and successfully passing the exams. You must then affiliate with a real estate firm in order to obtain an active license issued.

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