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How long does it take to get a South Carolina real estate license?

The simple answer is it depends...

You must complete your coursework which includes a 90- hour Licensing course and 30-hour Advanced Principle course. IF you are completing Comps day schedules, then you could complete both courses within 3 weeks depending on schedule.

Comps Academy Real Estate School offers weekends and evening courses to fit the busy student's schedule with full time employment. These course scheduling may take students a little longer to complete as described above.

Once you complete the Pre-Licensing course, you must submit your application to the SC Real Estate Commission with all of it supporting documents. Applications submitted online may receive letters of eligibility within a few days compared to those mail in.

Then, you would need to register through PSI to take you state exam within a few days based upon scheduling availability.

We have seen students completing the licensing process in less than a month to others who took 3 -5 month due to their selected course and exam scheduling.

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