Salesperson Core Courses: 

Applicants must complete a Commission-approved, 60-hour Pre-Licensing course, pass the state administered the exam, and complete an additional 30-hour Advanced Principles.

The commission shall issue licenses in the classifications of salesperson, broker, or property manager. No individual may be licensed in more than one classification at the same time

Upcoming Courses

Pre-licensing and Advanced Principles courses may be taken in any order. 


Registration Step 1:

You must be at least 18 years old to register and attend any course. Review all Policies before purchasing the course. Any required course books are shipped and billed from our vendor and can't be added to the cart. You may also register by calling 800-941-2130.

Tues & Thurs  | 6 pm - 9 pm
Mon - Fri  | 9 am- 3:30 pm
Mon - Fri  | 9 am- 3:30 pm
Jan 24 - Feb 4
Feb 14 - Feb 18
April  26 - May 26
Mon - Fri  | 9 am- 3:30 pm

14 Seats Available

Jan 25 - Mar 31

14 Seats Available

14 Seats Available

Tues & Thurs  | 6 pm - 9 pm

15 Seats Available

ATTENDANCE POLICY:  100% attendance is required for the entire course in order to receive credit for coursework.  Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each session of the course. Any student that is more than 10 minutes late to any class will be required to make up that class day. NO EXCEPTIONS ARE ALLOWED.

REFUND OR TRANSFER POLICY: Refund/cancellation requests will be accepted up to 24 hours before the scheduled class and only 80% of the course fee will be refunded. If you do not cancel, you will be charged full tuition.  These requests must be made in writing and either postmarked or presented in person 48 hours in advance to COMPS Academy. Refunds will not be processed for persons who have attended any portion of the course.  Refunds will be processed without a request for any classes canceled by the Academy.  Refunds will be made within two weeks of the request.  If changes are requested within 24 hours prior to class, fees may be transferred to another class.

TESTING POLICY:  When an exam is required to receive a certificate, the exam will be administered during class time.  A passing grade of 70% is required on each portion of the exams. Should a student fail to achieve a grade of 70% or higher, one makeup examination will be allowed free of charge. Should a student fail the makeup exam, the student will be required to pay a $150 administration fee and retake the class prior to being eligible for any additional makeup exams. A maximum of two additional retake exams may be taken at the cost of $30 each. No further retakes will be given under any circumstances.



Registration Step 2:

Complete and return the Policy form. It may be mailed, emailed, or faxed. Expect a confirmation letter of registration within 2 business days from your payment submission.

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Fax: 866-467-3003


Mailing: PO Box 532

                Huntersville, NC 28070

Registration Check List 

1. Pay for your course

 2. Complete and return the 

3. Order your Textbook
Payment to Enroll

Additional Supply Needed 

  • Notebook
  • Pen or Pencil​
  • Basic Calculator
  • Highlighters

Prepare to Pass The Exam:  A passing grade of 70% is required on each portion of the exams. Here is a list of required and study materials to assist you to prepare for your class and state board exams.


Registration Step 3:

Book Price Does Not Include Tax + Shipping cost


Modern Real Estate Practice 20th Edition Textbook
Required for Pre-License



Key Point Exam Review for Modern Real Estate Practice v20.0 (MP3)


MREP 20_Lang RE_set.jpg

Modern Real Estate Practice 20th Edition and The Language of Real Estate 8th Edition Set



Modern Real Estate Practice 20th Edition Textbook and Study Guide Set


Modern Real Estate Practice Flashcard Review 20th Edition




Registration Step 4:

Prepare to Take Your Final Exam: Review the video below and download the software to take your online proctored exams 

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 Self- paced courses that provide students the flexibility to complete their real estate courses from the comfort of their home or office without a set schedule.

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National Exam Study Guide 

Prepare for the national exams with a helpful study guide with hundreds of practice questions.

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This state exam bootcamp provides live coaching and practice  questions.

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