How To Get Your South Carolina Real Estate License

1.   Take the

Core Course

Core Courses are required in most cases. If you're an attorney or have a bachelor degree in law or real estate, then you are exempted.

Review the Commission's  Licensing Requirements

2.  Apply To The  Commission

Once you complete your Core Course requirements, then you're eligible to apply to take the Commission's State Exam.

3.  Pass Your

PSI Exams

The Commission will send you a letter of eligibility which allows you to register to take your state board exam. 

4.   Affiliate with a Brokerage

Before issuing a license, the Commission requires you to affiliate with a brokerage. 

Classification SC Licenses:

You can only hold  classification active at a time


 Must be at least 18 years of age 

to enroll in this course.

Advanced Principles: Rock Hill Comps Academy Real Estate School


Required CORE Courses

  •  Pre- License Course

  • Advanced Principles


 Must be at least 18 years of age 

to enroll in this course.

Property Management: Comps Academy Real Estate School

Property Management

Required CORE Course

  • Property Manager


 Must have at least 3 years of

salesperson experience within the last 5 years to enroll in this course.

Charlotte Comps Acaedemy Pre-licensing Courses


Required CORE Courses

  • Broker A 

  • Broker  B 

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 practice question bank.

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National Exam Study Guide 

Prepare for the national exams with a helpful study guide with hundreds of practice questions.

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