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This is a virtual instructor led course.


Provisional Brokers must complete an additional 90 hours of Post Licensing courses,                  Post 301, 302, & 303, within 18 months from initial licensure to obtain a full NC Broker license.


Course Description: The Post 302 - Contracts and Closing course is one of the three 30- instructional hour courses in the North Carolina mandatory Postlicensing education program Currently, Commission Rule 58A .1902 dictates that NC Provisional Brokers must complete at least one PL course annually by their license anniversary dates within three (3) years after initial licensure to remain eligible for active license status. Effective July 1, 2020, the rule will require that all three (3) PL courses be completed within 18 months of initial licensure. The rule change will be immediately effective on July 1, meaning there will not be a grandfather period for current licensees. The primary objective of the courses is to provide instruction at a level beyond that provided in Prelicensing courses on topics deemed to be of special importance. Topics addressed in this course include:

  • selected basic contract law concepts,

  •  real estate sales contract preparation,

  •   sales contract procedures,

  •   buyer’s due diligence,

  •   closing procedures,

  •   Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act,

  •   closing disclosure preparation,

  •    contracts for deed, options, and

  •    selected real estate license status and education issues


NC Post 302