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Vonnie Judge

 Vonnie is a reputable Realtor with over her 18 years of real estate experience. She enjoys empowering others, therefore, she became a certified real estate instructor. In this role, she shares her knowledge to prepare and develop more future real estate leaders. 

With respect to services for students, the president shall assure that procedures and decisions are safe, respectful and confidential. Student success is at the heart of COMPS Academy’s mission, and the foundation upon which faculty and staff shall organize and plan their work to achieve COMPS vision of transforming lives through learning.

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  8. There is adequate provision for the safety and security of learners.


Refund/cancellation requests will be accepted up to 48 hours after the purchased class and only 80% of the course fee will be refunded.


Instructor Policy:

Instructors must abide by certain guidelines to support online learners. 

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Instructor Contact

Instructors must abide by certain guidelines to support online learners. 

How To Get Your South Carolina Real Estate License:

Get a SC real estate license

1.   Take the

Core Course

Core Courses are required in most cases.

If you're an attorney or have a bachelor degree in law or real estate, then you are exempted.

Review the Commission's  Licensing Requirements

Real Estate Career

2.  Apply To The  Commission

Once you complete your Core Course requirements, then you're eligible to apply to take the Commission's State Exam.

Real Estate License

3.   Affiliate with a Brokerage

Before issuing a license, the Commission requires you to affiliate with a brokerage. 


Vonnie was great - presented the material in an engaging manner that kept everyone's attention

Vonnie - made it fun, very knowledgeable,  and gave wonderful examples 

Outstanding Instructor!