NC Continue Education: GenUp  CE

  1. In order to renew your license on active status, you must complete eight (8) hours of continuing education (CE) during each July 1 to June 10 license period. 

    • For brokers who DO NOT HAVE BIC Eligible Status, four (4) of the required CE credit hours must be obtained by completing the General Update course prescribed by the Commission. The subject matter of this course will be changed by the Commission each license year.

    • For brokers who HAVE BIC Eligible Status, four (4) of the required CE credit hours must be obtained by completing the Broker-in-Charge Update (BICUP) course each license period.

    • The remaining four (4) CE credit hours may be obtained by taking a Commission approved elective course. Elective courses may address a wide variety of real estate topics.

Our Policy

ATTENDANCE POLICY:  90% attendance is required for the entire course in order to receive credit for coursework.  Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each session of the course. Any student that is more than 10 minutes late to any class will be required to make up that class day. NO EXCEPTIONS ARE ALLOWED.


A student may withdraw from a course by giving written notice to the Education Provider prior to 48 hours to the start of the course. In such event, the student will have the following options to transfer to another course schedule or receive a refund of 80% of the course’s tuition. Books and materials must be return in the original condition before the refund will be issued. Students are responsibility for any shipping cost to return the materials and books. 


A student who terminates enrollment in a course either after the 48 hours written notice to the Education Provider or attends any portion of a course will not be entitled to a refund of any portion of paid Tuition

GenUp CE

4 hour- CORE


NC Brokers are required to complete the mandatory 4 hours- GenUp CE 

Tuition: $65

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You may also register by calling 800-941-2130.

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