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Get Your Real Estate Career on the Right Path with Comps...

Comps Academy is a Commission approved education provider for South Carolina and North Carolina

Step 3: Select Your SC's Upgraded Path

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Only available as virtual courses at this time

Licensing Course Requirements:

  • 30-hour Broker A

  • 30-hour Broker B

Contract Review

Advanced Principle  course is available as an online self pace and virtual course

You have two options:

​1. SC Residents

If you're licensed and live in South Carolina for more than six months, then you're required to complete the 30-hour Advanced Principle to prior to taking your state board exam.​

​2. Non- SC Residents

If you're not a SC resident or lived here less than 6 months with a real estate license, then you may apply to take your state exam. Below are some suggested study materials. 

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SC State Exams Practice Questions

Prepare for your exams with our  comprehensive online

 practice question bank.

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PSI Exam Bulletin 

Prepare for the state exam by knowing what subject matter that will be on the exam.

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State Portion Only
Live Bootcamp 

This state exam bootcamp provides live coaching and practice  questions.

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Vonnie was great - presented the material in an engaging manner that kept everyone's attention

Vonnie - made it fun, very knowledgeable,  and gave wonderful examples 

Outstanding Instructor!

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